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HM Travel & Tour Sdn. Bhd is a Professional Transport Services company based in JB Malaysia, established in 2016 .
泓盟客运旅游公司 是一间建立在新山市的专业客运旅游公司,联合成立于2016年。

Brand Meaning

H-Deep & Wide
泓-水深而廣 、廣纳百川
M-Alliance Allies

Company Navigation :
公司导航仪 :

Our Mission : Must be to provide our customers with “Comfort” transport and “Value” journeys and “Quality” drivers .
我们的使命:务必给于顾客‘舒适’的交通 & ‘价值’的旅程 & ‘素质’的司机。
Our Beliefs : Uniting like-minded partners, based on our company’s strength and sustainable development , create a pleasant working environment.
Our Vision : To become the Special One Travel & Transport Services company in Malaysia to provide professional drivers and tour guides , special tailor-made holidays tour for you .

We provide vehicle from Sedan to 7 – 40 seaters
我们的公司提供 7-11人座休旅车,11-40座位的巴士。

  • MPV (1-10 passengers)
  • Minibus (11-16 passengers )
  • Coach (17- 40 passengers)

Welcome to have enquiry from us, we make sure to provide the best services to all!

🏅 Our core value 🏅

Comfort | Value | Quality
舒适 | 价值 | 品质

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