2022 Scuba Diving Package @ Sari Pacifica Redang & Lang Tengah

Sari Pacifica Resort 热浪岛和浪中岛🏝
Scuba Diving潜水配套 2022🤿

想象你在海面下,你唯一能听到的声音就是你缓慢的呼吸。听起来紧张吗?其实并不是,水肺潜水是许多人喜爱的一项振奋人心、令人兴奋的活动。在Sari Pacific Beach @ Redang & Lang Tengah,我们为您提供在平静的大海中滑翔的机会,寻找最迷人、最独特的水下体验。有机会与一群迎面而来的鱼面对面是一个难得的和难忘的经验,你永远不会忘记!


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Sari Pacifica Resort @ Redang & Lang Tengah 🏖
Scuba Diving Package 2022 🤿

Imagine you are below sea surface, and the only sound that you can hear is your slow breath. Sounds intense? It is not, this is a rather heart lifting and exciting activity that many love, scuba diving. Here at Sari Pacific Beach @ Redang & Lang Tengah, we offer you the chance to glide through the calming sea in searching for the most mesmerizing and unique underwater experience like no other. Having the chance to meet face to face with a group of oncoming fishes is a rare and unforgettable experience that you can never forget!

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